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Regulation (положение о рецензировании)

for reviewing article manuscripts received by the Editor of the

Economics ofConstruction journal

1. The editor exercises the reviewing of whole incoming material articles.

2. The Editor shall accept original article manuscripts formatted in accordance with the article submission guidelines of the Economics of Construction journal, as well as an electronic version of the article.

3.The received article shall be registered in the Record of Received Articles, which shall state: the full name of the first author, the article title, its volume, the date of receipt, the details of the author's affiliation, the name of the reviewer, the reviewer's opinion on the article, and the publication data of the article.

4. The Editor-in-Chief shall send the article to one of the reviewers for review this being reflected in the Record of Articles. The reviewer shall reflect in writing on the following issues:

  • relevance of the article's topic;
  • presence of a characteristic (assessment) of the state of knowledge on the issue in question (problems raised by the author);
  • validity of the method applied by the author of the study;
  • characteristic of the research results and their practical significance;
  • presence of a general conclusion on the article.

The volume of the review does not usually exceed one typewritten page.

5. The reviewer's report shall be heard at a regular meeting of the editorial board and an appropriate decision shall be made and advised to the author. In the case of a negative review, the author shall be sent a reasoned refusal in writing.

6. The Editor-in-Chief shall collect the next issue of the Economics of Construction journal from among the approved articles. Prepared articles shall be sent for proofreading and layout.

7. Reviews are stored as amended by no less than 5 years.

8. Revision sends copies of reviews to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation upon revision of the corresponding request.


Basic rules for formatting materials intended for publication in theEconomicsof Construction journal
Editorial address: 117418, Moscow, Profsouznaya 33, Blg. 4, ICPE GASIS NRU HSE, Editor of the 
Economics of Construction journal, phone/fax (495) 681-11-21
E-mail for authors:

The authors shall be responsiblefor the material not being previously published, not being under consideration for publication elsewhere, and that in the event of acceptance of the material, it will not be published elsewhere, in Russian or any other language.

The authors of articles and materials submitted for publication shall be responsible for the accuracy of the facts, quotes, economic indicators and statistics, names, references to literature and other information.

The Editor reserves the right to edit the style of the material provided. The authors should keep a copy of their manuscript, as the Editor shall not accept responsibility for damage or loss of the documents. The Editor shall not return manuscripts.

The authors shall be informed in writingabout the acceptance of a manuscript for publicationin the journal.

Post-graduate students shall not be charged for the publication of manuscripts.The following guidelines should be followed when preparing an article:Articles shall be submittedprinted on one side of white A4 paper, double-spaced, and in electronic format on any type of media, except floppy disks, or by e-mail, with text edited and typed using double-spaced font size 14 Times New Roman and Symbol in any version of MS Word.

Postal items should be sent by regular mail (parcel). Registered items and items 'with declared value' shall not be accepted.

The volume of articles cannot exceed 30 pages including figures and tables.Articlesshould use the International System of Units (SI). Text highlightingusing capital letters shall not be allowed.Hyphenationshould be turned off in the document.

The title page should contain:UDC, title, full name of the author(s), affiliation, abstract (not more than 70 words) with an English translation, keywords (maximum 15).

Graphic materials(figures, photographs, etc.) should be clear and of good quality, and drawings and diagrams (maximum size 165x255) should observe theGOSTrequirements. These materials may be presented as embedded objects (pictures) in graphic formats jpg, tif with a resolution of 300 pixels/inch.Drawingsshould be captioned, numbered and located inside the text after the first mention.

Tablesshould be located in the text after the first mention. All the tables should be numbered and have a brief title. Explanations to the table should be concise and have indicators in a font smaller than the general text of the article.

Reference.References to publications should be given in the text in square brackets (e.g., [8] or [4-7]). The numbering should be consecutive beginning with 1. The complete list of references should be located at the end of the document under the heading 'References' and comply with the following rules:

• for books:surname and initials of the authors, book title, place of publication, publisher, year (for conference proceedings – city, country, year).

  • for articles in journals, collections, newspapers:surname and initials of authors, title, journal name, year, volume, issue, pages.
  • for dissertations and synopses:surname and initials of authors, title of the dissertation, degree, place of defense (city) and year.
  • for patent documents:document type (author's certificate or patent), number, issuing country of the document, international classification, patent (A.C.) name, authors, name of the publication that published the document, number and year of publication.

Information about the authors:

All co-authors should be indicated at the end of the article after the 'Reference' section specifying the full name, position, affiliation and address, contact information (business phone, fax, e-mail).

The author, to whom correspondence is to be addressed, should be mentioned in a footnote on the first page specifying the full postal address, fax, phone, and e-mail details.

The appendix to the article should be submitted electronically in a separate file. The appendix should include the following information in Russian and English: article title, full names of the authors, affiliation, abstract, keywords, as well as information on all the authors of the article with their affiliation, positions and contact details.

The article should be attached to a cover letter – reference from the organization.


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